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R.I.P. sweet Laney. Run free at the Bridge when you’re not bossing the other Scotties around.
Sissy is greatly missed, especially by her Scottie brother, Dudley.
I was privileged to have served Her Highness Callie for the last 3 months of her life. She joined my clan on Labor Day having adopted her from St Louis Scottie Rescue. She walked out of the car and right into a group of 8 Scotties and said "I'm old and I'm not puttin' up with any crap!” And that's the way it has been ever since. She went to the Bridge with dignity. I will see you again my love.
For my precious angel girl…..Lassie…..you are missed sweet one. More than you know…you’ll always be 
in my heart.
Buster had grown so much since he arrived at Scottie Acres in May. He fell right into the pack and became my shadow. Forever seeking attention and loving. When I came home from work at night he would run and give me kisses. A ball of energy with a smile. He found the woobie baskets and dragged one with him everywhere. And oh how he loved to go for rides with his Mommy. My last gift to him was to hold him close as he slipped away. I hope he forgives me and is waiting for me in the meadow when it is my time.
Sassy was a quiet gal who wanted what she wanted WHEN she wanted it. Although she never found a forever home outside of mine, I learned a lot about her during our time together.
Keita loved his yard, our other Scotties, his family, and he loved his life. Not only was he my pet, he was my pal. Keita, we miss you. We'll always love you. We'll never forget you. Rest in Peace Good Boy.
Vester was released from a breeder when he was 10. He quickly became the "guard of the couch" (whole couch and recliner). No one was allowed on them except for the two of us. He growled at strange people and was ready to back that up if need be. As he grew older he found that humans might have treats in their pocket and if he turned on the charm (and he did have charm) he might get some. He became friends to many but he had to choose who he wanted. Vester never missed a meal and was a lovable old gentleman ready to defend his human and his couch. He died 3 months before he turned 14 in 2013.
Duchess had energy to burn at 12 years young and she lived her life in the fast lane. Maybe she sensed that her earthly time was short so she didn’t waste a minute. Duchess’ favorite spot was on the arm of the couch. She made sure everyone knew it! She is sadly missed by the hoomans whose lives she touched. We didn’t get to love you long enough, sweet girl, but you’ll always be in our hearts! 
Amos went from being a puppy mill kid to the best ever Scottie ambassador for St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue! He brightened our home and ran the show from day one. There’s a big empty hole in the house left by a small Scottie boy with a huge personality.
Abbey was a sweetie. She was only with us for about a year before she died of bladder cancer. She was loved by everyone she met and she met quite a few people. She met many vets during her many trips to Columbia, MO where they were doing a study on the bladder cancer in dogs. She loved other dogs and was happy to play with them in the park.
Miss Maggs life underwent a dramatic change when she left the puppy mill and came to rescue. Her new parents took her on grand adventures touring the United States and she kept her former foster mom up-to-date with postcards of her travels. Those travels and her postcards came to a sudden stop with her unexpected passing. She will be greatly missed.
Sweet Princess Cita made her final journey while in foster care. We were blessed to have known this gentle soul.
Yogi was a quiet, sweet gentleman that graced my home for too short a time. He has taken a piece of my heart.
She was the friendliest, sweetest girl, and adored by everyone who met her. She was very happy until the last day even with all she had to endure. Duncan and i were with her at the end. I just wish she could have had more time to enjoy being spoiled.
This picture of Sami was taken a few hours before I helped him over the bridge.....still on duty....protecting home and hearth was a job he did with joy and relish much to my neighbors displeasure. It was an honor and a privilege being your Mommy, Sami, and I miss you. The house is way too quiet. Run free and fast at The Bridge wee laddie.
My dad summed it up best when he told me, “it was a real privilege to get to know Smitty – he was the sweetest boy”. I’d never heard anyone use the word privilege when referring to getting to spend time with a dog, but Dad got it right. It was a total privilege to have Smitty in our lives.
Monty came to rescue in ill health at the grand age of 15. He loved his food, his chewies and head pats. He enjoyed the last few months of his life, pain free and a beloved member of the family. We will miss you, Mr. Monty.
I knew when Scooter came to rescue May 2010 that she would spend the rest of her life with me. I miss her bouncing for her food bowl, her loud voice at treat time and I miss reaching down alongside the bed and finding her there. Scoots, Scootie, Scootiebug - - - our lives were enriched by your presence.
My sweet rescue boy. He was the sweetest Scottie in the world. I miss him every day.
You came to us broken physically but not mentally. You blessed us with your happiness and love for 3 ½ months and then you suddenly went. God bless you on your next journey, Your Royal Highness Ralph Henry.
Our sweet Stevie boy….we were so blessed to have you in our lives. Although your life on earth was short-lived, you were the best companion a family could ask for. You were more than a dog. You were a family member and you will be missed very much. Not a day will go by that we won’t think of you. We love you Stevie. Rest in peace, our sweet boy.
You’ve found the peace and love you were unable to find here on earth. Run, play and be happy Dougie!
Laney- Scottish Terrier
Sissy- Scottish Terrier
Abbey May- Scottish Terrier
Callie- Scottish Terrier
Lassie- Scottish Terrier
Buster- Scottish Terrier
Sassy- Scottish Terrier
Keita- Scottish Terrier
Sylvester- Scottish Terrier
Duchess- Scottish Terrier
Amos- Scottish Terrier
Maggs- Scottish Terrier
Princess Cita- Scottish Terrier
Yogi- Scottish Terrier
Cora- Scottish Terrier
Sami- Scottish Terrier
Smitty- Scottish Terrier
Monty- Scottish Terrier
Scooter Dark Vader- Scottish Terrier
Dempsey Duncan Stewart- Scottish Terrier
Stevie- Scottish Terrier
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
Ralph Henry- Westie
Abbey  May
Princess Cita
Scooter Dark Vader
Dempsey Duncan Stewart
Ralph Henry
Katie was a such a loving, sweet and gentle girl, always by my side. She loved going for walks, car rides and especially being loved on. Oh, and she loved watching TV too, especially the animal planet. I miss her so much.  
On June 1, 2013, Higgins walked into to my home and my heart. He was part of the Ark 9 and when I first saw his photo I hoped that he could be mine. My prayers were answered and we had eight wonderful months together. He was an immediate favorite in the neighborhood. Higgins never met a human or a dog he didn't befriend. Because he was a very laid back dog, we got a lot of kidding about our slow paced walks. Some people walk their dogs, Higgins and I meandered. He was my shadow, my comfort and my joy. I will carry him forever in my heart.
Laney- Scottish Terrier
After Jake came to us June 2013, I was on top of the moon. He fit in our home like he had been here all of his 10 years. Always the perfect gentleman, he gave kisses and loved car rides. I know that when we get to heaven, Jake will be there to greet us.
Laney- Scottish Terrier
I was told by my good friend Vicki that she was bringing me an older Scottie with medical issues who needed a comfortable bed to spend her last remaining days, months, or years. I had just lost my sweet Scottie boy Sami to heart disease and I wasn’t sure I was ready to nurse yet another ailing pup. Gena was twelve, diabetic and had very limited eyesight….I was worried. Gena strutted into my life and home….let me tell you she was NOT worried. She found her place for meals, her place on the bed and she was HAPPY for two very short years. She endured her twice daily injections and her adoptive mom’s constant hovering with dignity and grace. I cannot put into words how much I loved and admired this little girl’s zest for life, especially with all of her handicaps. I was not with her when she passed, so it is my very, very fervent prayer that Gena be the very first Scottie to meet me at the bridge…I have something very important to tell her, after I hug and kiss that sweet, sweet face. 
Roxie came to us on Dec. 30, 2011. She was a great, great pet. We adored her and gave her the best care and love anyone could have. She left us much too soon. She was a perfect dog – never did a thing wrong. The house feels so empty…….

Tallulah joined our rescue family when her owner passed away. She was not with us very long before she joined her mom in heaven. Tallulah will be remembered as a brave little girl who endured her physical limitations without complaining. She'll be in our hearts forever.  
Tyler arrived into rescue in March 2014 – a scared, snarky, crotchety old man. We adopted him a week later. He quickly learned that he was safe with us. I miss his evening greeting at the door and his barks for supper. I miss giving him belly rubs and his warmth on my feet. Our time together was too short but I like to think he’s with his first mom in heaven. We will meet again someday, Tyler……
Laney- Scottish Terrier

Sheppy came to me as an owner release. He was loved and cherished by his human mom, but unfortunately was not adjusting well to life with a toddler. Sheppy was as beautiful on the inside, as he was on the outside. He said goodbye to his old life and strutted into his new life with amazing Scottish pride. He relished guarding his new temporary foster home from all forms of vermin and letter carriers much to my neighbor's chagrin. Within a few months, he began vomiting and I knew something was wrong, but had no idea just how wrong. STLSTR spared no expense trying to figure out what was ailing this sweet laddie. I'll never forget handing the leash to the Vet tech for her to take him to exploratory surgery and at the last minute I reached down and swept him into my arms and covered his nose and face with kisses and hugs. I am so grateful my angels inspired me to give my boy that special send off. He was released to the Rainbow Bridge during surgery when they found a tumor half the size of his stomach. Sheppy was with me for such a short time but he will be forever and ever be in my heart. Love you my sweet, sweet son....we will be together again.  
Laney- Scottish Terrier

Although senior Fala had been in and out of rescue over his lifetime, I was privileged to spend time with him. At 12, Fala was diagnosed with bladder cancer (TCC) and due to the owner’s life-changing events, he came back to STLSTR. Since I have experience with TCC, and I LOVE seniors, I offered to foster him for the remainder of his time. He quickly became the favorite of everyone that he met, including the vet – who he loved dearly too! We chose treatments that were easily tolerated, and spoiled him with cheeseburgers after every visit. About a month before he went to the Bridge, he had emergency surgery to remove his spleen – bounced right back – and found that it wasn’t cancer (surprisingly). On his final day, he showed discomfort that couldn’t be fully relieved, and he passed easily. He had many excellent days and gave kisses freely and daily. Rest well, we will meet you again. Love you Fala. Amy Cada

Laney- Scottish Terrier

Sadie left us just before Thanksgiving at the grand old age of near 15. She said it was time. Pat and I loved the little Scottie/schnauzer mix the moment STLSTR's Amy Cada brought her to meet us. She was ten at the time and dealing with Cushing’s disease but astoundingly poised and open to making life with us easy. She wouldn't think of making a mess but liked having her own chair (formerly Barbara's). She scurried to it when visitors arrived so as to establish first claim. Sadie enjoyed her morning walks with Pat, her treats, and especially time at night sitting quietly in the front yard with Pat--gazing at the stars and watching cars go by! She enjoyed time with her Victorian Bulldog cousins, Boomer and Buster, when they visited but early on had put them in their place in her hierarchy. Her spirit is still here with us and I still see her little shadow around every corner in the house. Thank you Scottie Rescue.
Laney- Scottish Terrier

In 2006, a small Scottie girl with a ninja-type attitude came into our lives. She was just growing out a full coat of hair from an almost hairless state after being found roaming the streets of Granite City, IL. We were always reminded of what must have been a scary life for her when we petted her and felt the pellets under her skin where she had been shot. She rarely cuddled but we called her our little “teddy bear”. The vet said she suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress
Disorder and vet visits were never easy. But in spite of all of that, Hannah lived almost 10 years with us in her own “Hannah World” where she was happy. Her passing has left a huge emptiness in our house – we will see you again someday - - our Hannah Banana.
Laney- Scottish Terrier

The house is quiet without SuzieQ. She had this way of welcoming you home by bouncing up and down (all four feet off the ground) and barking...until she got her carrot. She loved to snuggle and learned to survey any place Randy sat for crumbs. Everyone loved her coloring and she loved everyone she met. I am missing her snuggling in bed in the morning. She had to push herself right up into your back. She was one of a kind and we miss her so. Fly high little girl.

Laney- Scottish Terrier

My Cubbie from Heaven
One day Vicki contacted me. She said she had a Scottie, and was I available to foster? I said yes. I bless the day Vicki brought her to me. There at my door stood the sweetest little girl I have ever known. She looked up at me with her soft little eyes, and put her paws on my knees. I was in love with her before we got into the house. She was a shy baby, and would crawl on her belly to come to me. Over time she came to know that love was always there for her. Everything about her was cute – her little bark (which was rare), the way she danced for a treat with her two front feet, the way she waited for us in the car with her little face framed in the small window that was just the right size for her.

A couple of summers ago I had an operation on my knee. Cubbie parked herself beside me every day, all day long, just because she wanted to. Her love was wonderful medicine for me.

She filled my heart with her sweet presence.

I have come to realize that she was on loan to me from the Lord who, by giving her to me, gave me a glimpse of Heaven.  
Laney- Scottish Terrier

We had to let our little girl go over the rainbow bridge. This was such a hard decision for us because she was so young. She never got a chance at a long, healthy life. Because we loved her so much we let her go. There is an empty spot in our home. This little girl was so full of personality. We called her "the boss". She always told the rest of us what to do. We will always miss & remember her fondly.
Laney- Scottish Terrier

Fluffy beds
And endless treats
Gates to guard
And friends to meet
Long slow walks
And petting hands
Safe with God
In Heaven’s lands
Laney- Scottish Terrier

Maggie was our dancing girl. When she was happy, especially at meal time, all four feet seemed to come off the floor as she gyrated in anticipation of what she knew would be the best food she ever ate even though there was so much sameness to it. Conan would have gulped his food down by the time Maggie got hers, and Honey is almost catlike as she sits demurely and  muses as to whether or not she'll eat what is offered. We loved to watch Maggie do her dance. Whatever our mood, she made us smile. Even when the years slowed her down, and three days before she died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest, she was still doing her dance.

How we will miss our special little puppy mill girl who could still dance after 7 years of producing puppies, losing most of her teeth, and living in terrible conditions. We'll smile as we picture her in doggie heaven, dancing or pushing a ball around like a professional soccer player. RIP sweet Maggie, thanks for the memories.​
Laney- Scottish Terrier