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9/2009 – 6/11/2018

Morrison loved looking out of the window. My daughter and he was very close. She would take him for walks and he would get so excited when she showed up, he would buck and kick like a donkey. He had a sweet, soft personality and was loved by everyone that met him. If we all had a heart like Morrison had, this world would be a better place. We love you and miss you Mr. Morrison/ Morrie. Thank you STL Scottish Terrier Rescue for bringing him into my life.


3/2008 – 1/5/2018  

We lost our sweet boy, Flynn, after being with us for almost 7 years. He was such a special boy and loved by everyone he met, human and non-human (well, 2 non-humans at the park who didn’t particularly care for him and vice versa). On our walks, everyone would stop and want to pet him and always commented on how handsome he was. He truly was and a personality to go along with it. Will never forget Christmas a few years back when we decided to eat breakfast and then do gifts. I had his stocking under the tree. As we’re getting breakfast ready, he comes flying through the kitchen toting his stocking, he just couldn’t wait for the goodies inside. We loved him so much and miss him even more. We always commented that he was the best “bud” anyone could ever ask for. Thank you STLSTR for letting us be his “furever” home.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
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"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."
5/2005 – 1/8/2018 
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
3/23/2001 – 1/8/2018

Daisy was a 9-yr-old breeder release from a puppy mill when I adopted her on July 4, 2010. Everyone who met Daisy said she was the sweetest dog! She loved running around and playing with her Westie "brother" Radar, acting a lot younger than her years! She was very social, and liked meeting humans and other dogs. She maintained her stash of toys in my office, and especially liked killing the squeak out of them! I will miss her so very much.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
10/2010 – 1/14/2018

Full of love
Full of life
Full of joy
And oh so ready to share with all.
One in a million. Max
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
3/2009 – 1/15/2018

I lost my dearest friend on the 15 of January and I miss her so much. Her name was Molly and I have had her for eleven years. She was such a good dog and loved everyone but about four years ago she was diagnosed with IBD and with age the disease progressively got worse until eventually I knew it was time to say my goodbyes to Molly-she is now free from her suffering.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
1/2009 – 1/16/2018

Despite a life of neglect and pain from untreated medical issues, you were a sweet boy. We wish we could have fixed you and loved you longer.  
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
Logan - STLSTR
5/15/2005 – 1/18/2018
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
11/2010 – 1/22/2018

Kenzie came into our life as “Dixie” in October of 2014. She was found in the woods of Kentucky, and was so tiny when we came to pick her up at Vicki’s in St. Louis.

That small little Scottie had a fighting spirit. She would spend hours upon hours trying to catch geckos in our yard, running back and forth as they would scamper in and out of the stone work.

Kenzie never got over her dislike of other dogs. She never barked at them when we would cross paths but rather ignore them as we don’t think she thought they even deserved her attention!

She was however, the sweetest girl to all humans including our 20plus nieces and nephews.

She will be truly missed by all those whoever had had the pleasure of meeting this Southern Belle.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
1/2008 – 1/25/2018
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
9/11/2006 – 2/3/2018

Haggis came to me from the St. Louis Scottie Rescue in 2013.
He had been caged most of his life, used as a stud dog and not treated well. He was afraid to come through a door held open for him; had no understanding of coming when called, or that someone might want to pet him. He cringed from petting attempts, would hide under a table but would finally stop, if cornered, and wait to be
picked up. Once picked up and petted, you could tell he liked it.

Not long after I got Haggis, we took in another rescue dog, a lively
three-year-old foxhound we named Homer. We like to think he taught Haggis what it's like to really be a dog. Haggis started coming around. He learned doors were never going to hit him again, that humans only wanted to love him and he learned to really want to cuddle with his owner on a couch. It may be that he became slightly deaf as he aged as he hardly ever responded to a person's voice, but he would come to a bell ringing. And he sure knew when it was time to eat or when the popcorn popped (of course he got a little). And he always liked running after thrown toys. He liked riding around the yard on our golf cart, going for a walk on a leash and riding in cars.

In his last year, we began to realize something was wrong, as he
showed signs of apathy. We learned he had PLE, or protein-losing
enteropathy. Our vet put him on a strict no-fat diet for his last two
months and he improved back to his peppie self. But then, on the morning of Feb. 3 he ate breakfast as usual and went out with Homer in the yard to do his thing. He came in and laid down as usual by the breakfast table. But within a few minutes it was evident something was wrong. The doctor said they could take measures to alleviate the crisis, but even then his time would be limited. So we made the final decision. Haggis was peacefully euthanized Feb. 3, 2018. We have his paw print framed in plastic. He was 12 years old.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
6/2006 – 2/10/2018

"She is so affectionate and full of puppy kisses. I can't imagine life without her." Those were the words I used to describe Cami on the STL Scottie Rescue calendar picture. I cut that picture out of the calendar and she was my "calendar girl" every month after that. Cami-whammy (my nickname for her) or Camibobami (foster nickname) was energetic and lively. She would get so excited when we were getting ready for her daily walks that she could hardly stop long enough to put her harness on. She was a quick hunter and could snatch a mole out of the ground quickly. When she first came into our home I didn't think she was going to work out. She had some potty issues and was people possessive, growling at her sister if she got near. I was ready to give up after the first week and I'm so glad I didn't because she became my heart. She overcame all her issues and we were soon in love with her. She taught me that kisses can fix almost anything. Wherever "Daddy" was Cami would always be near. I loved sitting on my recliner watching TV with her snuggled next to me and her head on my leg. A couple of days ago I loaded the dish washer and cried because my little Cami didn't come to pre-wash the dishes (which was one of her jobs). While my heart is breaking that she crossed the rainbow bridge due to lymphoma, she will always be in my heart. To quote William Shakespeare, "It's better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all." I miss my little baby girl
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
1/23/2008 – 3/2/2018
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
11/2005 – 3/7/2018
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
11/15/2004 – 4/2018

Angel, a little rescue Westie girl, was a true terrier. She possessed those deep, pleading chocolate brown eyes, behind which she whittled together her latest plan to dig under the fence and finally ensnare the evil black squirrel who so blatantly tested her authority.  

There was no end to the amount of trouble in which she’d gleefully partake, knowing the power her adorable expression possessed to melt away any possible discipline awaiting her latest misbehavior. 

And she was right. It was impossible to hold her antics against her, for your admiration of that gleeful character held instant forgiveness. She was brave and trusting, loving and sincere. 

We never knew her life story to the point of her rescue, it didn’t matter. It was the here-and-now in which she paved her happy life, capturing admirers as she passed along the way.

I love my Angel and I do so miss her. Her challenges proved only to make your admiration of that noble will all the more deeply held. It is far more quiet and less “busy” today, and though her spot will eventually be physically acquired, Angel will always claim her own personal corner in my heart - one from which she will never escape!
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
Angel T. Westie
1/27/2005 – 3/19/2018
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
1/2006 – 4/30/2018
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
6/2007 – 6/2018
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
12/2006 – 6/11/2018
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
1/2009 – 7/7/2018
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
4/2006 – 7/9/2018
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
8/25/2003 – 7/2018
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
Sir Wilshire
10/18/2008 – 9/25/2018

We met Dylan in February 2017 at the local chain pet-food store. Gracie ignored him completely. He was busy smelling everything, but everyone remained calm and cool. A good omen. Later when Mike was ready to let go, he brought Dylan over, and released the leash. Gracie barked and sniffed. Snorfed (sneezed) at him then we all went outside. The omen was correct. Dylan and Gracie played and ran and went crazy. We came inside and the zoomies started. They had a party as Mike prepared himself - I felt so badly for him. After he left, Dylan looked for him, but Gracie kept saying "Let's play!!! Chase me! Yer never gonna catch me!! Nah nah nee poo poo" They ignored me all night, had nummy dindins and continued their antics. At bedtime, Dylly Doodles went right up the ramp to my bed, just like he'd done it for years. After a few days the familiarity wore them down. They settled in and would rest on the couch together - only touching for moments - just like brother and sister. We had a year and 7 months with Dylly-Doo. He was a fun little man. Loved to lie on his back on my lap and have his belly rubbed, He gave lots of kisses to me and lots of fun to Gracie. She looks for him in the garage..:I saw him go in there, but he didn't come back out, He must be hiding!"
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
6/12/2004 – 9/22/2018

Diva came to live with us 2-1/2 years ago. She had lost her owner of 11-1/2 years and was understandably distraught, especially since nine months earlier her pack of four Scotties had been broken up due to the owner’s illness. We had adopted one of that pack, Diva’s 9-year-old daughter Deedle, who was adjusting but still anxious. When we learned Diva was available we jumped at the opportunity to reunite them. They very quickly re-acclimated to each other and became inseparable. They coordinated everything they did – lying in the same position side by side sometimes, mirror images nose-to-nose at others. They “marched” together through the house with near-military precision.

Diva was very bright, disproving the adage about not teaching an old dog new tricks. She threw herself into new games with gusto. She’d retrieve a plastic canister, rolling it with her nose. She would tease me by stopping short where I could not quite reach it and wait for her treat. I’d say “bring it” and she’d nudge it a bit. I’d repeat and she’d nudge it a little less. By the third or fourth time, she was just delicately touching without moving it and looking at me for her treat. She added her own mischievous twists to every game we played, sometimes teasing Deedle by reversing direction when they were running through the play tunnels.

The photo is the first time Diva commandeered my chair when I left for something. Deedle had been doing it regularly and Diva was still a relative newcomer, learning the ways of her new household. She was sitting there when I returned looking proud as a peacock. After that, there were always two dogs in my chair when I returned.

Nothing lasts forever, and Diva’s age and Cushings disease finally caught up with her. It was a wonderful couple of years, all too short but great for all four of us.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
2008 – 9/16/2018

In November, 2011, Beamer found his way into our home at a time when we needed him most. We had lost our Scottie boy, Duffy, to cancer and our Scottie girl, Pepper, was in a depression refusing to leave her bed or eat.

Beamer had been wandering the streets of Arkansas, was picked up by Animal Control, and eventually he made his way to STLSTR via Pilots for Paws. I requested to foster a Scottie from STLSTR and he was the healer of Pepper’s depression. They bonded immediately and four days later, he became a member of our family.

Beamer was a companion, entertainer, “arooo”er, and loved his toys. His special toy was a stuffed Scottie, named Hamish McBeth. He had a ritual each evening of carrying him back and forth from the bedroom, through the family room, dining room, and back to bedroom before settling with his chin on Hamish in the family room. Occasionally, he would hide him. At bedtime, he wanted to take him to bed but instead of getting Hamish, sometimes he just sat down, looking at me, waiting for me to go find him. He knew where he was but wanted me to get him. 

A game that Beamer developed was to carry Hamish up on my bed, ease him toward the edge a little at a time, nose him off and then look to me to pick up Hamish for him. This would happen two or three times and then he would settle down to sleep.

No matter where I was in the house, Beamer was close by. Since he was a talker, he frequently came to me saying, “Arooo” and we had a dialog between the two of us. He loved his human sister, Vicki Frazier, and always greeted her at the door with “Arooo”.

The first time I saw him, when he looked up at me with those “beam”ing eyes, I knew his name had to be “Beamer”. The loss of my sweet boy with his funny antics and his ever- present companionship has left a Huge Hole that I hope can eventually be filled with the same joy he gave me
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
11/6/2003 – 8/9/2018

We fell in love instantly with our Half Pint Lacie. Lacie was the second best PFL (Pesky Florida Lizard) eradicator that there ever was. She was a joy and a blessing! Our time together was way too short. But there never is enough time together, is there? We miss her terribly. Rest peacefully my precious little girl and know you will always be in my heart. Until we meet again…….Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
6/2005 – 10/18/2018

Gracie-Girl arrived here a sad and confused little girl. Originally rescued from a puppy mill and then placed with an owner who died, no one else in the family wanted her. However with typical Scottie fortitude, Gracie soon knew she was home with us. Home consisted of cuddling on a king-size bed, running loose in the yard with her Westie “brother’ and never missing a meal. And the never missing a meal part, was one of the most important things to Gracie! We often joked that Gracie would eat rocks if we let her! She loved go lay under the Christmas tree when it was up and always had to go look for a toy to carry when she went outside. She left us far too soon, but her memory is always in our hearts.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
1/2008 – 11/9/2018
Dearly loved and greatly missed