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07/2008 - 02/21/2017

For our first experience with fostering Scotties for STLSTR, we welcomed 6 year old Lucy and her 3 year old daughter, Lola, whose owner had entered a nursing home. Lucy was a high energy and self-possessed beautiful dog who totally dominated her sweet daughter, not to mention, our own good- tempered older Scottie. Lola, as she was known then, had been a swimmer puppy, and probably unsellable by the owner/breeder. She had crooked little back legs which didn't stop her for a minute. We soon saw that neither girl would miss the other if separated, in fact, it would be best. One day into our foster experience is all it took for Lola to win our hearts, something she did for all 5 1/2 years that we were privileged to share our home with her. We “failed” at fostering and renamed her Lorna. We believe that Lorna used her charm offensive to win over the man of the family first, leaping into his lap and laying her head on his leg, at every opportunity. She used this relentless desire for love to change attitudes and lives. Lorna was a girl on a mission! The grumpy, aloof security guard she encountered on her evening walks was converted by Lorna power. She particularly loved little children, but watch out for those kisses! Always attuned to the people of the house, Lorna could understand words even when spelled! WALK, TREAT, and POPCORN were guaranteed to elicit barks and happy dancing galore. We are pretty sure she could tell time, and would intently stare until the humans came to their senses and kept to the schedule. A devastating diagnosis of lymphoma did not change her. Three weeks after the diagnosis, she decided her job here was done, and it was time for the Rainbow Bridge, where she is waiting for us. We so miss this little crooked-legged little girl. She was the beating heart of our home. 
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
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8/1/2006 – 3/4/2017

Appearances don’t make the dog. Underneath Barney’s rough exterior, he had a heart of gold. Sadly for him, he spent most of his life with an owner who could not afford proper care and so things that needed to be dealt with were neglected. He came to our house in May 2015 and while we dealt with skin issues and itchies, it became more apparent that he would be a permanent foster in the rescue organization. Barney always wanted to play ball but, most of all, he wanted to be “my boy”. Only the vets saw his “bad” side and the vet tech used to ask him when he arrived if he was “wearing his crabby pants”. His kidney disease escalated last fall and today it became apparent that we could no longer treat it. This house won’t be the same without our gentle giant - - we will miss you Barney.  
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
5/10/2009 – 3/22/2017

Miss my little man....Sunny was the world’s greatest dog in my eyes and will forever be in my heart. RIP Sunny Bunny Boo
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
5/2007 – 3/7/2017

Emma was picked up by Animal Control after days of wandering along a walking and biking trail without food, water and shelter, apparently abandoned by her owner. After STLSTR learned about her, rescue volunteer Jack Hess picked her up. She was in poor physical condition and understandably fearful. After taking Emma for medical treatment and then foster care, Jack told wife Rita about the sad case. Aware potential adopters might hold back due to Emma’s health issues, Rita was adamant: “We have to take her.” Besides being malnourished, Emma was deaf because of ear infections left untreated and 19 teeth had to be removed for lack of dental care. Sadly, there also was evidence of physical and emotional abuse. Rita nursed her back to good health and gave her reassurance that she was safe from harm. Most of all, she showed her there was love in the world. Emma emerged from her self-protection shell and blossomed into a happy, beautiful girl. In late 2016, Emma’s health began to decline amid signs of dementia. Despite the best efforts of the family Vet and Purdue’s medical experts, her decline couldn’t be reversed. The heart-breaking, but merciful, decision was made to halt her suffering Emma left behind Rita, Jack, Oliver and Zoe to mourn her passing while clinging to memories of happy times during nearly 5 years she was with them.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
2/15/2003 – 3/9/2017

When Issabelle Ivy came into our two Scottie home as a 9 ½ year old foster, it only took a day to know that we needed her more than she needed us. Izzy had been raised in a loving family, but circumstances made it necessary to re-home her. It was our great privilege to become her new family, and Izzy never missed a beat in the transition. She was royalty. Soon everyone who met her knew that she was “ Queen “ Issabelle, and her daily requirements were baby carrots when the refrigerator door opened and tummy rubs on demand. That beautiful face and her funny operatic singing blessed our days and made us laugh. Izzy’s only vice was her love of “worm jerky” found on her daily walks. A 2015 diagnosis of TCC did not change our Izzy. She adapted to diapers and meds, all in Izzy style. Curious, confident to the end, Izzy made her goal – her 14th birthday – and shortly after, heaven gained a sweet Scottie angel. We miss her every day and are forever grateful to have known this special girl, Issabelle Ivy.  
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
Issabelle Ivy
7/11/2002 – 4/17/2017 
Pepper was a beautiful silver brindle girl who joined our family via STLSTR when she was 7 yrs. old. She bonded quickly with our nine year old Scottie boy, Duffy, although each had been an “only child” up to that time. She grieved terribly when she lost her sidekick, Duffy, to bone cancer two years later. Recovery for her came in the form of Beamer adopted one week later, also from STLSTR.

Pepper enjoyed attending Scottie functions being with other Scotties and with people. She was known for her “Scottitude” at the St. Louis Scottish Terrier Fun Matches because sometimes she would willingly walk in the parade and at other times there was no way she was going to participate.

My first Scottie to “Arooo”, Pepper welcomed visitors that way. Basically, she was a quiet girl unless she saw a squirrel or bunny rabbit and then she was off on a chase. I was amazed at how fast she could run with her little short legs but the squirrels and bunnies always away.

Not a snuggler, Pepper enjoyed sitting on her Dad’s lap where she could look out the bay window. After he passed, she was always near me. No matter what room I was in, she showed up to join me and curl up for nap. Just shy of her 15th birthday, she succumbed to inoperable liver cancer only one month after I found out she had it. I’ll always be thankful for the 8 years that she was a part of our family. My heart still hurts from losing her. I’ll never forget my Pepper girl. She was a very special Scottie
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
6/17/2000 – 4/14/2017

Sammie (formerly Eeyore) came to us at the advanced age of 15 & extra fluffy, ready to call our family hers. She melted our hearts from the minute we first saw this plus sized gal! We only had her in our lives for a short year and eight months but oh how she fit right in just as if she had always been a part of our family. She got to enjoy so many things Daily Walks, Travel, Camping, Canoeing, She loved life and it loved her back. I miss seeing her sitting in my garden staring into the pond enjoying watching the fish and frogs, sniffing the flowers and catching whiffs off the breeze. I am grateful that we got to be her forever family even though it was only for a short time it was a joyful time watching her enjoy her life. She was a Joy & a Blessing from the first day to the last! Our lives have been forever changed ... for the better!
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
10/2007 – 5/8/2017

Our laidback boy who just wanted to be where his “people” were – snuggling on the couch, in the yard or even wearing a crown or jewelry at our great niece’s tea parties. We will miss him dearly.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
10/17/2007 – 6/2017
He was my little buddy and went with me everywhere. He was not a lap dog but he was never too far from me. I shuffled around and he moved with me everywhere. I liked that so much. I'm very saddened and lost and miss him so. 
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
3/2007 – 6/26/2017

When you want to say fun loving little Scottie…that was Ivey. Those big black eyes would watch you and you wondered just what she was thinking. One minute she would be just relaxing and the next…up and going. She loved those outdoor creatures and there was nothing like chasing a squirrel to make her day. In the evening it was dinner time and next…time to play catch with dad with the ball. The whole time doing her talk and she sure could talk. The evening wasn’t complete until she jumped on the couch; curled up against you; and now time to sleep. Oh, how I do miss those big black eyes.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
2/19/2004 – 8/2017
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
9/26/2005 – 8/15/2017

Bear Kelly was a loving, playful and gentle creature who welcomed all types of creatures into his far too short life. I was deeply blessed by being able to adopt him. Everyone who ever met him loved his big burly self. In his short time with me he helped me walk on uneven surfaces and even learned to alert me when my blood sugar dropped dangerously low. He would stick his big nose on my cheek and poke at me until I woke up when my blood sugar would drop. He was an amazing boy. Colleen Kelly
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
6/28/2006 – 9/3/2017

A brave lass who arrived in rescue when her mom could no longer care for her. Sadly, she was diagnosed with TCC. Lievy is now running pain free, waiting at the gate for all who loved her.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
Lievy - STLSTR
9/2004 – 9/25/2017

There is some comfort in knowing that Murphy’s last days were his best. He was clean, living in air conditioned comfort, and resting in a soft bed until it was time to cross the Bridge. That time was all too brief. Rest in peace and run free, Murphy.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
Murphy - STLSTR
4/4/2002 – 10/16/2017 
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
1/2008 – 10/30/2017

Memorial Day 2010, I drove with Max to St Louis to be interviewed and accepted and welcomed into the STLSTR family and entrusted with the care of a gorgeous feisty Scottie girl. As we headed home to Michigan, with our new girl now named after CH Miss Mercedes Roundtree our Sadie blossomed and bloomed into a wonderful Scottie lass, with love and time, she grew secure, arrogant, and loving Although reclusive to strangers...she opened up to those within her private domain. She preferred the finer things, the tailored lawns, softer fleeces, and warming baths. And yes we indulged her. She has been our princess. My feisty fat pawed girl is my heart...2017 has been a cruel year...Her wings were ready....Our hearts were not.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier
2/2009 – 12/12/2017

You filled a void of a lonely heart. You will be missed.
McDougall- Scottish Terrier


"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."