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In rescue, mercifully, the happy tails outnumber the sad ones. That doesn’t make them any less heartbreaking, but we have learned to accept them, always wishing we could have done more. Highway, is one such case. His diabetes was untreated for such a long time that it caused numerous other problems. Glucose levels were off the charts. He was urinating as often as 40 times a day. Highway was being treated for a bladder infection, but an ultrasound revealed an even bigger issue. Severe bladder cancer. The odds were stacked against him, but he remained a good-natured love sponge. Highway was such a sweet boy that his foster mom, Amy, would have failed if there had been any chance for him to have a quality life. Instead, she gave Highway, in his last days, the care he deserved his entire life, but didn’t receive. His highway to heaven was paved with cheeseburgers, roast beef, and turkey, and he’s now running free at the Bridge



In 2006, a small Scottie girl with a ninja-type attitude came into our lives. She was just growing out a full coat of hair from an almost hairless state after being found roaming the streets of Granite City, IL. We were always reminded of what must have been a scary life for her when we petted her and felt the pellets under her skin where she had been shot. She rarely cuddled but we called her our little “teddy bear”. The vet said she suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress
Disorder and vet visits were never easy. But in spite of all of that, Hannah lived almost 10 years with us in her own “Hannah World” where she was happy. Her passing has left a huge emptiness in our house – we will see you again someday - - our Hannah Banana.
Laney- Scottish Terrier

The house is quiet without SuzieQ. She had this way of welcoming you home by bouncing up and down (all four feet off the ground) and barking...until she got her carrot. She loved to snuggle and learned to survey any place Randy sat for crumbs. Everyone loved her coloring and she loved everyone she met. I am missing her snuggling in bed in the morning. She had to push herself right up into your back. She was one of a kind and we miss her so. Fly high little girl.

Laney- Scottish Terrier

My Cubbie from Heaven
One day Vicki contacted me. She said she had a Scottie, and was I available to foster? I said yes. I bless the day Vicki brought her to me. There at my door stood the sweetest little girl I have ever known. She looked up at me with her soft little eyes, and put her paws on my knees. I was in love with her before we got into the house. She was a shy baby, and would crawl on her belly to come to me. Over time she came to know that love was always there for her. Everything about her was cute – her little bark (which was rare), the way she danced for a treat with her two front feet, the way she waited for us in the car with her little face framed in the small window that was just the right size for her.

A couple of summers ago I had an operation on my knee. Cubbie parked herself beside me every day, all day long, just because she wanted to. Her love was wonderful medicine for me.

She filled my heart with her sweet presence.

I have come to realize that she was on loan to me from the Lord who, by giving her to me, gave me a glimpse of Heaven.  
Laney- Scottish Terrier

Mac went peacefully to sleep on Monday, February 29th, 2016 after a short battle with kidney disease. Mac was a gentle soul. He liked hanging by himself but on occasion he would break down and play with his siblings! He loved to play fetch with me and his Kong ball, loved to go for walks and loved barking in the yard at whatever he felt like barking at! J Mac’s favorite place to sleep was next to Rick in the recliner. It was his spot and everyone knew not to dare try take it! Our home is not the same without him. He was one special Scottie. He came into our lives at a time when we needed him and we will never forget him.
Laney- Scottish Terrier
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We had to let our little girl go over the rainbow bridge. This was such a hard decision for us because she was so young. She never got a chance at a long, healthy life. Because we loved her so much we let her go. There is an empty spot in our home. This little girl was so full of personality. We called her "the boss". She always told the rest of us what to do. We will always miss & remember her fondly.
Laney- Scottish Terrier
9/29/2003 - 10/11/2016

Jock came to STLSTR rescue in June 2011. No one knew his owner in Colorado had passed away until a neighbor noticed that Jock wasn't out in the yard like normal. He ended up in animal control and thanks to the neighbor who always liked him, he was sprung. AC couldn't do anything with him - he was so ferocious. Enter family -- they didn't want him and were from PA. No local rescue was interested in a fear biter so the family contacted STLSTR. On the way from Colorado to PA, they transferred Jock in a McD's parking lot. It became apparent quickly that he would never be adoptable. But in time, Jock's sweet personality with his hoomans came through and he became our boy. He loved to play ball. He hated to be groomed. He was the best Scottie kisser I have ever known. He gave me one last kiss his last day - - it was weak but as sweet as ever. We will dearly miss our Jockiedoodle.
Laney- Scottish Terrier
Jock McDougal
12/15/2003 – 11/9/2016

Mallie was 6 1/2 years old when she came to my home as a foster-my first and only foster. I could not let her go to another family and applied to adopt her. She became family Sept.2010 and her new life began. Mallie was a sweet dog. She brought so much to our family, companionship and unconditional love. I will always remember her soft and warm sitting on my lap. I treasure our walks, sometimes in the rain with soggy ears and beard and muddy feet.....she didn't notice. Her big bright eyes could melt her Dad to putty. We were lucky to have had her for the last half of her life....We miss you little girl.
Laney- Scottish Terrier
11/25/2004 - 11/10/2016

In the fall of 2008, just 2 months after I took over St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue, I got a call about a male Scottie that needed to get into rescue - - owners divorced. I met the owner who was scared to even get close to Buckwheat as he was known at the time - the daughter put him in my car. Off to the vet - who subsequently stated he was unadoptable; there was no reason to heartworm test and that he should be put down due to aggression. 2 months later, Baxter, formerly Buckwheat, became a member of the Frazier clan. We went through a lot together and I quickly realized he was the smartest Scottie I would probably ever meet. Baxter was a thinker and I could watch the wheels turning while he figured out how to get what he wanted. And when I wasn't watching, he would end up in the bathroom sink, on the dining room table or on the stove. He loved thunderstorms and wanted to catch the thunder. He quickly established himself as my "heart" dog. He was good with the foster kids - after all he wasn't a "dog" in his mind. He was always at my feet. My heart broke when I helped him cross the bridge - - the Thunderdog, Sinkboy, Ballboy, my Sweet Love......
Laney- Scottish Terrier
Mister Buckwheat Baxter
Laney- Scottish Terrier
July 2016

Her name was Honey, but we could never just say Honey......it was Honey Bunny. Honey was a one person Scottie. After 7 years in the puppy mill she had great trust issues, and though Frank did his best to woo her, she would only come to him if it was storming.
She loved any toy with a squeaker for it was her job to tear it out and make it stop. She loved to play chase with Conan, but it was hard to entice him very often. Her favorite treat was a Greenie which she would excitedly run off with to be alone. Our favorite keepsake of her is some of her beautiful blonde hair.....it never fails to bring a smile of remembrance of our special little girl who always met us at the door with a wagging tail. Love you, Honey Bunny, and miss you.
Laney- Scottish Terrier
3/27/2003 – 8/28/2016

Conan was our handsome, big-headed Scottie boy. He was always on the lookout for anything that needed to be scared away and his loud barking made even us jump. He had little time for play, although his sweetie wheatie sister invited him often. If he was awake, he was all business in looking for varmints. Outside, he had a well-worn path where he'd race from one side of the house to the other to bark at passing dogs. Unfriendly to most other dogs, he loved people and would race excitedly through the house when anyone came to visit. He was a masterful sitter-upper and we sorely miss being his slaves. What a guy!!  
Laney- Scottish Terrier
Conan the Barbarian
5/2016 – 9/2016

Dogs lives are too short. Their only fault, really. Agnes Sligh Turnbull
Bonnie Jean’s had barely begun.
Laney- Scottish Terrier
 Bonnie Jean
5/2016 – 9/2016
Life can be very unfair sometimes, and still cannot believe that our baby left us so soon. All my thoughts about all our love that we gave him during that month he spent with us are melting when I remember how he was looking at us when we were saying goodbye. He was loved very, very much. He came to us and made the way to our hearts from the first second. And he will be in our hearts forever. I know he is watching us from the Rainbow Bridge and running free with Patrick, two broken tails.
Laney- Scottish Terrier
Spring 2016

Archie arrived in rescue March 2014. He had such a spring in his step and happy attitude that the 2 vets he saw both thought he was around 4 years old. When he made his way to the eye specialist for his poor vision, it was determined he was closer to 12 years old. Archie lived the last two years of his life as a cherished and loved member of his family.  
Laney- Scottish Terrier
June 2016

Peggy Sue, along with 8 other Arkansas Scotties, was rescued in 2013 from deplorable conditions in a breeding shed shared by various breeds of dogs and several hundred exotic birds. Shortly after, Peggy Sue had 9 puppies that she was too weak and too sick to raise on her own since she was heartworm positive. She had several blood transfusions, and was clinging to life. Her puppies were lovingly bottle fed around-the-clock by surrogate human moms. Peggy Sue rallied and settled into foster care to continue to recuperate. Her puppies all survived and were adopted to loving homes. Peggy Sue was adopted by her foster mom, Re.

Life dealt Peggy Sue a losing hand, but she played the cards she was given and came out a winner! She learned about soft beds, kind hands, good food, social events, parties, road trips, and friends – both skin and fur. Peggy Sue was declared Queen of the Door County Scottie Rally in 2014, and she wore her crown with pride. Her sweet disposition and gentle nature won the hearts of all who were privileged to know her.

Like so many mill dogs, Peggy Sue went from a living hell to enjoying the life that all dogs deserve, and she savored every moment. We’re sad that she has left us, but her memory lives on in her 9 puppies and in our hearts. 
Laney- Scottish Terrier
Peggy Sue 
Spring 2016

We got Schatzi, a rescue pup, about 5 years ago. We got her as a companion for our old girl, Maggie (also a rescue). From the start, she had a real personality and was a quick learner. I also looked forward to her running to greet me every day as I came home from work. She would love being around us and even took to strangers (a very unusual Scottie). She was our 4th Scotty and really a favorite. When she was 3, she started not eating and when we took her to the vets, we were heartbroken to find that she had chronic liver disease. Thanks to the good work of our vets, we got another two years but, at age 5, we lost her. Each of our Scotties had their own personality – but she truly was something special even though she was only with us for 5 years.
Laney- Scottish Terrier
09/15/2003 - 08/20/2016

Sweet Rosie. Your floppy ears endeared you to all who met you. You ate the trellis, and the metal drain spout and your teeth marks are forever in the deck railing. Mostly you left a floppy eared Scottie shaped hole in our hearts.
Laney- Scottish Terrier


"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."
2/2008 – 11/28/2016

My beautiful Destiny Hope who is no longer with us....she put up a fight with lymphoma and lost the battle........she was my first rescue girl with Vicki Frazier.....she will always be in my heart and never forgotten.......until we met again sweet girl........xxxxx
Laney- Scottish Terrier
Destiny Hope