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Although senior Fala had been in and out of rescue over his lifetime, I was privileged to spend time with him. At 12, Fala was diagnosed with bladder cancer (TCC) and due to the owner’s life-changing events, he came back to STLSTR. Since I have experience with TCC, and I LOVE seniors, I offered to foster him for the remainder of his time. He quickly became the favorite of everyone that he met, including the vet – who he loved dearly too! We chose treatments that were easily tolerated, and spoiled him with cheeseburgers after every visit. About a month before he went to the Bridge, he had emergency surgery to remove his spleen – bounced right back – and found that it wasn’t cancer (surprisingly). On his final day, he showed discomfort that couldn’t be fully relieved, and he passed easily. He had many excellent days and gave kisses freely and daily. Rest well, we will meet you again. Love you Fala. Amy Cada
Laney- Scottish Terrier

Sadie left us just before Thanksgiving at the grand old age of near 15. She said it was time. Pat and I loved the little Scottie/schnauzer mix the moment STLSTR's Amy Cada brought her to meet us. She was ten at the time and dealing with Cushing’s disease but astoundingly poised and open to making life with us easy. She wouldn't think of making a mess but liked having her own chair (formerly Barbara's). She scurried to it when visitors arrived so as to establish first claim. Sadie enjoyed her morning walks with Pat, her treats, and especially time at night sitting quietly in the front yard with Pat--gazing at the stars and watching cars go by! She enjoyed time with her Victorian Bulldog cousins, Boomer and Buster, when they visited but early on had put them in their place in her hierarchy. Her spirit is still here with us and I still see her little shadow around every corner in the house. Thank you Scottie Rescue.
Laney- Scottish Terrier

Fluffy beds
And endless treats
Gates to guard
And friends to meet
Long slow walks
And petting hands
Safe with God
In Heaven’s lands
Laney- Scottish Terrier

Maggie was our dancing girl. When she was happy, especially at meal time, all four feet seemed to come off the floor as she gyrated in anticipation of what she knew would be the best food she ever ate even though there was so much sameness to it. Conan would have gulped his food down by the time Maggie got hers, and Honey is almost catlike as she sits demurely and  muses as to whether or not she'll eat what is offered. We loved to watch Maggie do her dance. Whatever our mood, she made us smile. Even when the years slowed her down, and three days before she died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest, she was still doing her dance.

How we will miss our special little puppy mill girl who could still dance after 7 years of producing puppies, losing most of her teeth, and living in terrible conditions. We'll smile as we picture her in doggie heaven, dancing or pushing a ball around like a professional soccer player. RIP sweet Maggie, thanks for the memories.​
Laney- Scottish Terrier
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04-26-2005 to 12-07-2015

Wallace was known to everyone as the “sweetpea” and El Senor. He had a shy disposition when you first met him, but when he got to know you, his quiet insistence and steadfast carmel-colored gaze charmed its way right into your heart. He was a championship cuddler with his Daddy and Papa and knew how to give his beloved squeaky toys the Scottie Death-shake treatment. He loved and followed his compadre Danny everywhere and they often shared a pillow and spooned while sleeping. He always kept an eye on Danny to make sure he knew everything was okay and he was not missing out on things. He let Danny chase the backyard rabbits while supervising from the deck, offering assistance when things got hairy. We greatly miss our boyo, but know he is enjoying lots of plush toys in heaven and whispering in Danny’s ear advice on dealing with the new Scotties to come.
Laney- Scottish Terrier
Wallace Komocsar Eickhoff
Just letting you know how very much Jack Powell was loved !!!!!!!!!!! I can never thank you enough for bringing him to me and allowing me to give him a home. Thank You Thank you Thank you Pat Powell 
Laney- Scottish Terrier


"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."
8/2007 – 7/16/2015

Bitsy was a sweetheart! With all that she endured she accepted our love from the very first day. Bitsy was born blind but you would never have known it. She would follow the scent of our other Scotties around the house and yard. She seldom bumped into things. She was so comfortable in her new home and allowed us into her heart. She loved to snuggle and play with her new fur siblings, Maggie and Connor. It was very sad for all of our family that we only had her with us for such a short time, but knowing that when she passed she was loved like a pet should be and was of great comfort to us all. She will forever be missed.
Laney- Scottish Terrier