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I was privileged to have served Her Highness Callie for the last 3 months of her life. She joined my clan on Labor Day having adopted her from St Louis Scottie Rescue. She walked out of the car and right into a group of 8 Scotties and said "I'm old and I'm not puttin' up with any crap!” And that's the way it has been ever since. She went to the Bridge with dignity. I will see you again my love.

For my precious angel girl…..Lassie…..you are missed sweet one. More than you know…you’ll always be 
in my heart.

Buster had grown so much since he arrived at Scottie Acres in May. He fell right into the pack and became my shadow. Forever seeking attention and loving. When I came home from work at night he would run and give me kisses. A ball of energy with a smile. He found the woobie baskets and dragged one with him everywhere. And oh how he loved to go for rides with his Mommy. My last gift to him was to hold him close as he slipped away. I hope he forgives me and is waiting for me in the meadow when it is my time.

Sassy was a quiet gal who wanted what she wanted WHEN she wanted it. Although she never found a forever home outside of mine, I learned a lot about her during our time together.

Keita loved his yard, our other Scotties, his family, and he loved his life. Not only was he my pet, he was my pal. Keita, we miss you. We'll always love you. We'll never forget you. Rest in Peace Good Boy.

Vester was released from a breeder when he was 10. He quickly became the "guard of the couch" (whole couch and recliner). No one was allowed on them except for the two of us. He growled at strange people and was ready to back that up if need be. As he grew older he found that humans might have treats in their pocket and if he turned on the charm (and he did have charm) he might get some. He became friends to many but he had to choose who he wanted. Vester never missed a meal and was a lovable old gentleman ready to defend his human and his couch. He died 3 months before he turned 14 in 2013.

Duchess had energy to burn at 12 years young and she lived her life in the fast lane. Maybe she sensed that her earthly time was short so she didn’t waste a minute. Duchess’ favorite spot was on the arm of the couch. She made sure everyone knew it! She is sadly missed by the hoomans whose lives she touched. We didn’t get to love you long enough, sweet girl, but you’ll always be in our hearts! 

Amos went from being a puppy mill kid to the best ever Scottie ambassador for St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue! He brightened our home and ran the show from day one. There’s a big empty hole in the house left by a small Scottie boy with a huge personality.
Callie- Scottish Terrier
Lassie- Scottish Terrier
Buster- Scottish Terrier
Sassy- Scottish Terrier
Keita- Scottish Terrier
Sylvester- Scottish Terrier
Duchess- Scottish Terrier
Amos- Scottish Terrier
Katie was a such a loving, sweet and gentle girl, always by my side. She loved going for walks, car rides and especially being loved on. Oh, and she loved watching TV too, especially the animal planet. I miss her so much.  

After Jake came to us June 2013, I was on top of the moon. He fit in our home like he had been here all of his 10 years. Always the perfect gentleman, he gave kisses and loved car rides. I know that when we get to heaven, Jake will be there to greet us.
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"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."