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Abbey was a sweetie. She was only with us for about a year before she died of bladder cancer. She was loved by everyone she met and she met quite a few people. She met many vets during her many trips to Columbia, MO where they were doing a study on the bladder cancer in dogs. She loved other dogs and was happy to play with them in the park.

Miss Maggs life underwent a dramatic change when she left the puppy mill and came to rescue. Her new parents took her on grand adventures touring the United States and she kept her former foster mom up-to-date with postcards of her travels. Those travels and her postcards came to a sudden stop with her unexpected passing. She will be greatly missed.

Sweet Princess Cita made her final journey while in foster care. We were blessed to have known this gentle soul.
Yogi was a quiet, sweet gentleman that graced my home for too short a time. He has taken a piece of my heart.

She was the friendliest, sweetest girl, and adored by everyone who met her. She was very happy until the last day even with all she had to endure. Duncan and i were with her at the end. I just wish she could have had more time to enjoy being spoiled.
This picture of Sami was taken a few hours before I helped him over the bridge.....still on duty....protecting home and hearth was a job he did with joy and relish much to my neighbors displeasure. It was an honor and a privilege being your Mommy, Sami, and I miss you. The house is way too quiet. Run free and fast at The Bridge wee laddie.

My dad summed it up best when he told me, “it was a real privilege to get to know Smitty – he was the sweetest boy”. I’d never heard anyone use the word privilege when referring to getting to spend time with a dog, but Dad got it right. It was a total privilege to have Smitty in our lives.
Abbey May- Scottish Terrier
Maggs- Scottish Terrier
Princess Cita- Scottish Terrier
Yogi- Scottish Terrier
Cora- Scottish Terrier
Sami- Scottish Terrier
Smitty- Scottish Terrier
Abbey  May
Princess Cita
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"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."